Patterson Nursery Sales is a grower and hands-on brokerage of some of the finest conifers and Japanese maples available in the Pacific Northwest. Whether your needs are production liners, retail ready, landscape sized, or true specimen materials, we recognize the importance of quality. Whatever your needs may be, we strive to provide the finest plants to meet your exact specifications.

We have 2 locations and over 200 acres in production. Our main office is located on 30 acres near Boring which consist of can yard, greenhouse, staging areas, sawdust storage, loading docks and truck scales. Our farm of 175 acres is about 10 minutes south in Eagle Creek. It’s primarily an in-ground production site, but also consists of the same facilities found at the Boring location, including truck scales. We ship from both locations and weigh every shipment in order to maximize the payload.

We provide our customers with distinct advantages including:

  • Over 200 acres in production.
  • On-site, in-house, dedicated sales representatives
  • Hand-tagging to exact specifications
  • Ability to combine material from multiple sources
  • Timely in-house transportation arrangements
  • Off-site material inspection
  • Maximized payloads

We have been in business for over 25 years and remain dedicated to providing absolutely the finest plant materials with exceptional hands on service. We hope you will give us a try.

With over 200 acres in production, we provide hands-on brokerage service, and specialize in specimen plants.